Three Prominent Betting Sites

We’ve covered some of the more mainstream and upcoming betting sites in detail, now we’ll take a look at some other popular options for betting online.



AlphaDraft is another daily fantasy wagering site, similar to what DraftKings is starting up. While they do offer weekly fantasy contests, they primarily focus on daily contests where players draft a team of individual gamers. This allows for more casual bettors that just want to play against other fans without having a season long commitment to a league. So how does their daily fantasy drafts work? Here are their guidelines.

After choosing a contest, each member will be given a $50,000 budget (virtual currency) to choose six competitive gamers and a team. Players then accumulate points based on their performances in competitions. Individual players score 3 points for kills, 2 points for assists, and 0.01 points for creep score (when applicable). Players will also lose 1 point per death. In a game like League of Legends, the user’s chosen team will receive 1 point per turret, 2 points per Dragon, and 3 points per Baron.

Players are priced based on their predicted performances. Those players that are expected to perform in the top 5-10% will of course cost the most. The main philosophy is to select undervalued players that may be flying under the radar, thus giving the bettor value for their purchase. At the end of the contest, the member with the highest points accumulated wins. While AlphaDraft features free contests (some with small pot payouts), paid contests offer larger cash prizes or gifts.

AlphaDraft states they pay out over $300,000 a week in prizes with a variety of eSports to choose from, such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2, Hearthstone, and Smite. If you choose to play in their paid contests, they offer the ability to deposit money via debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal. The best part about AlphaDraft is they guarantee a fun experience on their site or a 100% money back refund.

EGB (E-Gaming Bets)


EGB, or E-Gaming Bets as they often are referred to, quickly followed in Pinnacle Sport’s decision to offer betting on eSports in 2011. As a company, they have been around since the early 1990s. EGB is heavily focused on the customer experience, offering live chat and streams of the games and tournaments that their customers are betting on. Their integrated chat system allows for their clientele to discuss upcoming matches, odds, and bets amongst each other. EGB is also located in Costa Rica, with their services regulated by the local administration.

EGB offers a unique incentive in order to attract new customers. New users will get a 100% bonus matching their initial deposit. While some companies offer the same incentive, EGB goes a step further. For every dollar that the new user bets (odds have to be higher than 1.30), the user will get 10 egamingbet points. These points can be used in their unique shop to purchase free stuff. While it may not be the best option for casual gamers, more experienced bettors can take full advantage of the system. They also offer a refer-a-friend system, with the opportunity to receive up to $50 per referral (those referred must play 5000 points to receive the maximum amount).

EGB is a traditional sportsbook company, offering a wide variety of bets on popular eSports, such as League of Legends, DOTA 2, StarCraft, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. They also offer bets on some lesser known and upcoming eSports games, such as Hearthstone, Smite, and World of Tanks events. They offer single or multiple (accumulator) bets. The best part of EGB is their points and bonus shop system. For every dollar you spend on a bet over 1.30 odds, the user will receive 10 points. Those points can either be used in exchange for real currency, or used in EGB’s shop. Items range from small items, such as coffee mugs, to computer accessories like mouses, keyboards, headsets, and even laptops.

EGB also offers a huge variety of ways to deposit and withdrawal money, including debit cards, credit cards (Master Card and Visa), Skrill, Bitcoins, NETELLER, and WebMoney, just to name a few. They also go the extra mile with their customer support, offering 24/7 assitance. They have a live chat featured in the side panel, as well as an email service to contact customer support. EGB is an active community of bettors (usually over 1000 players at a given time), and a great first time experience.

Nitrogen Sports


Nitrogen Sports is a Costa Rica based company, with a strong emphasis on protecting the privacy of their customers. They offer ultra-secure accounts, and users do not need to give them any personal information. They also offer 2-factor authentication to ensure maximum security. Their security measures don’t stop there either, as Nitrogen Sports is powered by Bitcoin, a digital currency that adds additional privacy. This decentralized currency (meaning no government or bank entities control it) allows for maximum anonymity and can be deposited to a private and secure bitcoin address.

Nitrogen has been regarded as one of the best sportsbooks in the world, and they combine their ultra-high security with some of the best odds on the internet. They have an easy to navigate site that emphasizes the modern and sleek aspects that customer’s desire. They also have an amazing customer service experience, offering live chat and a ticket based system in order to resolve issues as quickly as possible. They offer a wide variety of eSports to bet on as well, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2, League of Legends, and StarCraft 2. For those that want to place wagers without giving up their personal information, Nitrogen Sports is a valid option.