An In-Depth Look at Unikrn

The History of Unikrn


Unikrn is a relatively new commodity in the eSports wagering world, but already they’re garnering a ton of attention. Unikrn co-founders Rahul Sood and Karl Flores definitely took notice of a vastly growing market and wanted to put their creative spin on it. You may recognize Rahul Sood as the former Microsoft manager turned entrepreneur (he also founded VooDooPC, which Hewlett-Packard purchased). Karl Flores is the founder of Pinion, a global gamer community network, now owned by Unikrn.

Their creative innovation and strong vision of the future on eSports wagering have allowed them to attract the financial backing of such companies as Razer, HP, CBS, Logitech, and most recently Tabcorp. Tabcorp is one of the largest and most reputable wagering companies worldwide, with global licenses for wagering and an online Luxbet system that works with legally permitted countries. It’s this very partnership with Tabcorp, and Unikrn’s access to Luxbet, that reassures their customer base that any transactions are safe.

If you’re still unsure about Unikrn, also know that they are the only current company located within the United States (their headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington). They have an ever growing staff that currently features over 20 employees.

Betting Options

Unikrn’s vision and goal for increasing viewership of eSports and enhancing the experience for those viewers has led to their unique system. And what better way of engaging their user base than allowing people to bet on those matches. However, instead of a traditional gambling institution where money is wagered, the founders of Unikrn want their clientele to enjoy the experience of the eSports tournaments without the anxiety of facing the prospect of losing money.

Unikrn has created an exclusive currency known as Unikoins. It’s through these virtual Unikoins that bets are placed. Here’s the catch though, Unikoins cannot be purchased with real world currency (and the company states they never will be). They are essentially a free currency provided through various means. So how do you get those Unikoins then if you can’t buy them? For new members, a Unikrn tutorial can be completed to earn Unikoins. After that, daily quests on their website, can also supply Unikoins to their user base. Other methods include using their mobile app, Vault, or placing winning bets on eSports matches. Unikoins will also be earned by answering trivia questions and posting your bet on social media.

So now that you’ve acquired all of these Unikoins, how can you cash out? Well, you can’t in a traditional sense. Unikrn offers an exclusive Unikoin Marketplace that raffles up to five different items at a time. Users purchase raffle tickets for those items with their Unikoins. Prizes include a huge variety of digital gift cards, such as Amazon, iTunes, and Visa gift cards. They also have Funko figurine draws daily, as well as some big ticket items, like a brand new HP Omen. Check the marketplace daily as new prizes and partners are added regularly.

If Unikrn’s unique system for betting on matches with Unikoins isn’t your style, then don’t worry. They offer opportunities to bet with real world currency in select countries (currently the U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand).


Betting Types

Unikrn has a plethora of eSports games to bet on, such as League of Legends, DOTA 2, StarCraft 2, Call of Duty, Smite, Counter-Strike, and Hearthstone, just to name a few. Head-to-head matchups are the most traditional bets. Simply select the eSports game you want to bet on and a list of upcoming matches to bet on will become available. Above each team or competitor will be the current betting odds. Decimal Odds are then used. The formula is calculated in the following format (using our given example):

Odds X Stake (Unikoins you put down) = Return (the Unikoins you get for winning)

Team A

1.500 X 100 Unikoins = 150 Unikoins (50 Unikoins profit and your initial 100 Unikoins bet return)

Team B

2.800 X 100 Unikoins = 280 Unikoins (180 Unikoins profit and your initial 100 Unikoins bet return)

Multi-bets, or accumulator bets, are also available to increase profit margins of Unikoins. For instance, betting on Team A (1.10 odds) in match 1, Team B (2.20) in match 2, and Team C (1.50) in match 3, will give you a total return of 4.80. However, if even one of those matches doesn’t go in your favor, then the entire bet is lost.

The last bet available is Future bets. Instead of betting on single matches, users can bet on the winner of an entire tournament.

Customer Service

Unikrn offers direct support through their email or phone number and any problems are resolved extremely fast. Being heavily involved with social media, they’ve even been known to address issues through Twitter or Facebook. In addition, Unikrn has a vibrant community where users can go to get help. All of these factors help establish a satisfactory customer service experience.

Promotional Incentives

Unikrn does not currently offer any promotional incentives.


If you’re looking for an innovative and different way to bet without having to spend cold hard cash then Unikrn is the answer. Their unique model and vision allows users to immerse themselves within the eSports scene without having the constant pressure of losing money hanging in the back of their minds. While they’re still in their infancy when compared to other big name betting companies, they’ve already created quite the buzz. Where they go from here is key, but so far they’re headed in the right direction.